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Parent Carers

A Parent Carer cares for someone under 18 who cannot cope alone due to disability, physical or mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction.  This can impact a Carers daily life including their ability to work and socialise often leading to feelings of isolation and financial worries.  A Carers physical and mental health are impacted by the stresses and difficulties of their caring role.  

Carer Support Carlisle and Eden can support with some of the practical challenges including filling out forms to claim some benefits and offer relevant advice and guidance.  We can offer emotional support and also have social groups in Carlisle and Eden to give you the opportunity to meet other Parent Carers.  You will be able to join our Parent Carer private Facebook group to share information and ideas with other registered Carers.

Local authorities provide information to parents, Carers and young people about provisions available across education, health and social care for children and young people who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) or are disabled. 

To access the Westmorland and Furness offer or the Cumberland offer, click on the appropriate button below. 

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