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Support Us

Carer Support Carlisle & Eden receives the majority of its funding from Cumberland & Westmorland & Furness Councils. As a registered charity, however, we also rely on money raised through fundraising activities and donations from individuals and organisations. With ongoing public sector cuts, your donations are becoming increasingly crucial to the work we do.

There are lots of ways you can raise money to support Carer Support Carlisle & Eden. All donations, no matter how big or small, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Why the community needs us:

  • 3 in 5 of us will be Carers at some point in our lives
  • 86% of Carers report they suffer from stress, anxiety and depression
  • 92% say their mental health has been affected by Caring
  • 84% state Caring has a negative impact on their physical health
  • 37% want to access care and support services outside of normal working hours. 
  • Young Carers can be particularly affected.

Our supporting role is therefore crucial to the Carer, Cared For and the wider society.

Our impact on the community:

By 2030, the number of residents aged 65+ years 'unable to manage at least one activity on their own' is predicted to rise in Eden by 56%.

The number of Carers will increase by 60%, over 8,320. Our wider community face the challenge of and need our support to; embed support for Carers into services and our lifestyles.

Carers save the public purse £132 billion per year, an average of £19,336 per Carer, not only is it morally right to support Carers, it is financially a no brainer.