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Adult Carers

How We Can Help You

Tap into the range of support we offer, to make life that bit easier for you and the person you care for. 

We provide you with information on the support you're entitled to, helping you access it. You can also take advantage of our social activities and sitting service, giving you a chance to take a break, relax and chat with other Carers. Once in a while, we're also able to share special offers kindly donated to us by local organisations - from event tickets to hotel breaks.

Getting Started

The first step is to get in touch with us. We'll arrange to meet you to discuss your needs. We do an assessment to determine the support you're entitled to and get the ball rolling for you. We're also here just to meet you for an informal chat.

TESTIMONIAL -  May I thank everybody  at Carer Support Carlisle and Eden for the support and the help you gave me.  Of all the agencies I came in contact with you were the best.  What you provide is a precious service and I hope it carries on for along long time. Once again I can't  thank you enough and I don't think I would have coped without your help.   A Former Carer

Sue's Story

Meet Sue... she's from Penrith.  This is her experience of being a Carer and how the support we've offered her has helped.

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Information & Advice

We offer you free confidential support and information:

  • Information on all aspects of caring
  • Planning for emergencies
  • A free newsletter

We'll help you with any questions you have about caring. Here are just some of the topics we've helped Carers get answers on:

  • Medical conditions
  • Mental health and wellbeing questions
  • Legal questions
  • Benefits advice
  • Day services
  • Care homes & respite care
  • ​Other support in Cumbria

See our latest Adult Newsletter. 

Did you know you legally are required to notify the DVLA after a dementia diagnosis?  However, it doesn't mean you will automatically have to give up your license. Read the factsheet Driving With Dementia for more information.

Technology can also help make life as a carer easier.  Helping someone live independently longer or giving you peace of mind when you aren't there. 

What can tech do for you?


Sometimes it helps just to find out more information on being a Carer. The Carers Trust has a range of information online, Carers Trust Website 

Talking to other Carers is important, knowing you are not alone.  Carers UK have an online forum where you can ask questions on conditions, benefits, or just chat to someone.  

Carers UK Forum

Cumbria Dementia Pathway

Dementia is set to have a major health, social and economic impact on individuals, families and the whole community. In Cumbria, we want to:

  • Improve public and professional awareness and understanding of dementia;
  • Improve early diagnosis and interventions within a supportive framework;
  • Provide better care and support to people with dementia.

This Care Pathway is designed to contribute to these objectives, and be used as an information resource and guide to patients, Carers, family members and to anyone working to support people with dementia.

How We Work With You

We work on a referral basis.  You can refer yourself by phoning or popping into the office.  You can also ask a relative or a professional like your GP or care provider to contact us on your behalf.

Once we have basic information about yourself and the Cared For, one of our trained Support Workers will come and visit you in your home, or arrange a meeting here at our offices, whichever you prefer.

If you are aged 18+, you are legally entitled to a Carers Assessment which identifies your own needs (emotional and physical) as a Carer; we do that Assessment with you.

From that Assessment we work with you drawing up a support plan plan for yourself, which could involve some respite care, information and / or involvement of other agencies.

​We are here to listen and in times of crisis provide some practical advise and emotional support.

See our Eden Directory of Services and Carlisle Directory of Services which may be of use to you:

Other Support

Which Magazine provides BRILLIANT information on a wide range of Carer and Caring issues on their website.

visit which magazine

Cumbria County Council maintains the most up to date information on support available to Carers.  Including;  

  • Publications with informational support for Carers
  • An online directory of services in Cumbria
  • Costs of care and support
  • Information on breaks and respite
  • Advocacy 
  • The mental capacity act
  • And ways to welfare      
  • more info