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It shouldn’t cost to care - MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!

There are millions of carers across the UK and they are saving the state billions of pounds' worth of care. They also have millions of votes.

But carers have told us they feel forgotten, neglected and burnt out. This has to stop.

Carers of all ages cannot be ignored – either in the election campaign or by the next UK Government.

Help Carers Trust transform the lives of carers by calling on the next UK Government to:

  • Stop pushing carers to the limit

  • Commit to funding the local community support services needed to protect carers from excessive caring demands.

“We need validation, recognition and support for what we do. We save the NHS and Government money, and it's time we saw that put back into decent local carer services we can access quickly and easily.” - Unpaid carer.

  • End carer poverty

No carer should live in poverty. The benefits system needs to be overhauled so carers receive better financial support. Carers need help to find and stay in work when they want to work. They also need access to state-funded small grants in difficult times.

"I’ve had to give up my full-time job, so my mum doesn’t go into a care home, which would cost the Government thousands.” - Unpaid carer.

  • Commit to fair futures for young carers

Young carers’ education must be protected. Dedicated funding and wider resources are needed so young carers are supported to balance their caring role alongside their education.

"Places of education need to be more aware of what young carers have to go through. It can be difficult and draining. We aren’t lazy; we are tired and overworked.” - Unpaid carer.

Posted: 2nd July 2024