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Covid Vaccination Information

We are working with CCC, the NHS & Carers UK.  The final criteria for which unpaid Carers are eligible for a vaccination is still being finalised by Government.  We hope to receive that information soon.

To date we have been told that Carers will be considered for Group 6 if they are:

- registered with a GP and receive the flu vaccination due to their Caring role

- in receipt of Carers Allowance

- know to local authorities who are in receipt of a Carers assessment or noted on the Cared For's assessment

- registered with carers organisations and actively receiving support.

Ourselves, CCC & NHS will be publishing who is eligible and how they will be contacted as soon as we know.  Also continue to keep an eye on Carers UK website.

If you would like to register with us, have a Carers Assessment and receive our ongoing support, that would be great.  We don't & can't however maintain a 'list' of Carers who do not want our support, but want the vaccination.

A National portal for eligible unpaid Carers to self-register for the vaccination is also being developed, hopefully it will go live in the next few weeks. But again we do not have a date for that.  The Group 6 cohort contains millions of people, it is going to take weeks for all those eligible to be called and vaccinated; but we will get there.

Please if you would like to register with us and receive support phone our office and refer yourself.

Posted: 24th February 2021