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Unpaid carers - booster vaccines

Improving identification of unpaid carers in primary care

Phase 3 delivery of the COVID-19 booster vaccinations includes unpaid carers prioritised in cohort 6. As in Phase 1, those currently in receipt of a carer’s allowance or identified in March 2021 as receiving support from a Local Authority or Carers Organisation, are being called nationally for booster vaccinations providing it’s been six months since they completed their primary course.

To create a sustainable process for calling unpaid carers for any future COVID-19 vaccinations, a letter from NHS Call and Recall will be sent to nationally identified unpaid carers instructing them to show it to their GP practice and request they’re recorded as a carer on their record. Unpaid carers are aware practices may ask some routine questions before making any changes to their GP record. Please refer to NICE guidance for identifying new unpaid carers.

Improving the recording of carers on their GP records may also help support access to the opportunistic flu vaccination and other primary care interventions to improve health outcomes.

Posted: 30th September 2021