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Carers UK Guide To Supporting Older Carers Who Are Digitally Excluded

Carers UK has published a best practice guide which provides recommendations for organisations on how they can best support older carers who may not be online or have access to internet, by helping them to use technology or providing opportunities to receive support in-person.  

Research has shown that older people are more likely to be digitally excluded and therefore do not have equal access to online resources. Some reasons older carers may be digitally excluded include lack of confidence using technology, not being able to afford internet, having a disability or complex need affecting use of technology or privacy concerns. A lot of older adults rely on family members and friends to help them access online services.

A survey by Carers UK with organisations supporting older carers, such as local carers organisations and local charities, found that there are several issues faced by older carers who are digitally excluded, including loneliness and isolation (83%).

Read Carers UK guide ‘Supporting older carers who are digitally excluded’ here: 

Posted: 29th September 2023