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Carers Trust: How do we know we are making a difference??

Carers Trust is a national infrastructure charity for unpaid family carers. They operate, and support, a network of over 120 local carer services. And together with those local services, directly support over one million unpaid carers across Britain.

Carers organisations play such a vital role in complimenting the NHS and other services available and it is important that these organisations have the right strategy.

Last year, Carers Trust launched a strategy that sets out a model for how they intend to create the level of impact needed to achieve their ambitious goals and better meet the needs of carers.

They have also put in place a Social Impact Plan which includes measures to collect evidence of their impact and progress of this strategy. You can read ther 2022-2023 report here

To read more on this and to hear about their goals, follow this link

Posted: 12th October 2023