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NHS Blog release: Caring for the carer – What’s in it for Integrated Care Systems?

The NHS recently published a blog written by Janice Clark who has been an unpaid carer for over 50 years.

In the blog, Janice writes about how she didn’t realise she was an unpaid carer until she talked to social care staff who helped her to understand that the care she was giving to her mum was above and beyond that of being a daughter.

Often family members take on extra responsibilities and do not identify as a carer. Recognising yourself as a carer is the first step to getting the support you need and talking to friends, family or colleagues can be a good place to start. Integrated health and care services can make a huge difference to carers, by helping them to identify as a carer in the first place and offering them support they have a right to.

You can read her blog here: NHS England » Caring for the carer – what’s in it for Integrated Care Systems?

Posted: 20th October 2023