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CQC State of Care assessment of health and social care England

The Care Quality Commission has given its initial verdict on council adult social care services under its new local authority assurance system.

The CQC flagged up councils’ reports of there being shortages of care in their areas for people with more complex needs.

Growing pressures on carers but lack of support in some councils

The regulator’s analysis of national information identified that the number of carers was increasing, they were caring for longer – in terms of hours per week and the duration of time in the role – and they were looking after people with increasingly complex needs.

However, it found clear variations across authorities in relation to the number of carers getting timely support and levels of satisfaction with support.

Lack of workforce strategies

Against the backdrop of longstanding concerns about social care staffing shortages, the CQC found very few councils had published workforce strategies, with even fewer having plans that covered the entire health and social care system.

Gaps in care for people with more complex needs

Authorities reported gaps in care for people needing specialist dementia care, autistic people, those with learning disabilities and people with mental health needs.

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Posted: 3rd November 2023