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Funding announced for veterans to attend VE Day 70 Commemorations

Cost of travel funding available for Second World War veterans to attend events in London for the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.




Please find a link to the attached PDF which you can post or forward to your network and also has the basic details.


In summary though, we have funding that allows family groups to have an all inclusive break with us over 4 days / 3 nights for only £50pp – with our funding covering the rest.


The provisos are that :


One member of the family group has a connection with the Armed Forces.   They can be a Veteran, Current or a Reservist.

One member of the family has a disability (learning, physical or sensory) but this doesn’t have to be the person with a connection to the forces

One member of the family group is under 18, but again, this can be a different member of the family group to the above


We have a selection of dates (Friday to Monday) available over the coming months (check on the link) and will be releasing more dates soon too, so if none on the attached suits those in your network, it is worth ringing to ask if we have others available.

Posted: 27th April 2015